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What to do about online bullying

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

I have had some messages about what they can do in a situation such as mine, it also seems there are some shared experiences here so lets stand together to send the message to the bullies that this is not acceptable.

You have a couple of options on reporting when you have been a victim of online bullying: 1. You can ring the non emergency 105 New Zealand Police and file your report, or if your personal safety or property is in immediate danger then do not hesitate to phone 111 2. You can file a report through Netsafe. Fill out an online contact form, email, text ‘Netsafe’ to 4282 or call toll-free on 0508 NETSAFE (0508 638 723). Under The Harmful Digital Communications Act (the Act), Netsafe has been chosen to offer a free service for people in New Zealand to help with online bullying, harassment and abuse. YES bullying is a criminal act and that is why it is important that we report it!

Some examples of bullying include: - Trying to get someone to hurt themselves - Shares intimate images without consent (shared nudes, sometimes called “revenge porn”) - Encourages other people to send harmful messages to someone - Most people would think is very offensive - Shares someone’s sensitive private information without their permission - Makes a false allegation about someone - Shares confidential information about someone without their permission - Puts someone down because of their colour, race, ethnic or national origins, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or disability - Is indecent or obscene - Threatens to hurt someone or damage their property - Is of a personal and malicious nature

If you need to talk to someone and need support to get through a distressing time then I encourage you to reach out for further support. Contact Need to Talk? on free call or text 1737 or Lifeline on free text HELP to 4357 or call 0800 LIFELINE (0800 54 33 54) to speak to a confidential counsellor.

Reports are always handled in a sensitive, confidential and supportive to achieve an outcome that is positive and with no harm.


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