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Based in the Waikato, I enjoy training horses and riders of all different levels and backgrounds. My passion lies with providing compassionate training and developing horses at their own pace and I love to see how far each horse can go, no matter what breed, talent or ability. 

My vision at Dreamtime Dressage is to always promote horse friendly training. Horse friendly training is about nurturing your horse into the best possible version of himself. It is about the horse being a better fifteen year old than he ever was at five. If you are encouraging your horse in his training you will produce a happy willing partner who sparkles throughout his work even after many years of training. 

In addition to promoting great training for all horses, I also want to provide super helpful articles for riders on how to improve their mental strength and be the best they can be. 


Join me in finding better ways to develop super star equine athletes and have the best time doing it!

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