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Sharing ourselves

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

To me, it is so important we can share our entire journeys as they are. Raw, wonderful, painful and rewarding, the failures and the victories in their truth so we can all become a little braver and accepting that failing is part of winning.

No ones journey is all sunshine, even if they try to pretend it is. When we can accept this, we can accept our own truths. We can learn to love ourselves, and love others. We become whole.

Failure and set backs are one of our greatest gifts. We learn from them. They push us to do better. To be meticulous in our pursuit of what sets us alight. We expand. They become stairways to greater consciousness and enlightenment.

The following quote sums this up perfectly. "What if we were transparent about our own failures not as some kind of performative vulnerability ,but as an invitation to collectively destigmatise the messy process of life long learning." -Rachel Alayia.

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