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It can be really hard out there when you see everyone getting super results and you feel like your own don’t measure up to where you want them to be. Hey, we have all been there- I quite often feel like this myself! The really tough part is not to let yourself become resentful of your friends, this is where quite a lot of negativity comes within our sport.

When you can set goals that are unique to you, based on outcomes that don’t require a score or another persons opinion then you will find your success comes independent from others. You might not get a terrific score that day but it won’t matter because you have set great goals that you can measure your personal success against.

This is just a small but really big way you can make competition more enjoyable for you and in turn if we were all able to do that to even a very small degree I think the sport would become more encouraging, more successful and most of all more fun!

Success is relative and unique to each one of us and isn’t defined by a win, placing or score


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