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OVERCOMING LIMITATIONS - Identifying limiting beliefs

Throughout this week I want to identify ways in which people impose limitations upon themselves in their lives and their performance. We all do it but when we become aware of our own thoughts we can take the necessary steps to remove those limitations that don't need to be there in the first place. In short, this is a great step you can take to get out of your own way.

Have you ever noticed how much internal chatter goes on in your mind throughout each day? Is it positive, or negative? What are the things that you are noticing that you are constantly telling yourself? If you talked to your friends like you talked to yourself, would you still have any friends? These are all really important questions to ask yourself- be honest because identifying the tone of your internal conversations could really help you on your way to achieving your goals and having the courage to chase your wildest dreams. In short your beliefs can help you on your way, or they can really limit your own potential and satisfaction in life!

Identifying your beliefs about yourself is a really important exercise on your way to high performance as your beliefs while not always obvious, are like a script from which you act out your life - consciously or unconsciously! Once you have identified the tone of your beliefs and internal conversations you can then make the necessary adjustments to your thought processes and enjoy the rewards that come next. The best thing is, the power is in your hands, it is entirely possible to edit your thoughts to remove the limitations your beliefs have imposed upon yourself!

Spend some time to notice and take note of the conversations you are having in your head. Write down your reoccurring thoughts, this may be confronting at first but it is great to see it on paper and then you can assess if your thoughts are negative or positive, do you have a growth mindset or fixed mindset? Be honest, it won’t work otherwise! Next we can take a look at how to overcome the limiting beliefs!

I would love to hear from you all and I am really interested to hear what some of the things are that you tell yourself. I know that I used to be really terrible myself with my internal chatter, when I would ride my thoughts were only negative and I would become so consumed by horrible things people had said to me that I couldn't focus on riding my horse. I still have to work really hard to keep my thoughts in check and I still have a long way to go myself but I am very committed and interested to see how far I can go when I can get out of my own way! Let me know your thoughts!


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