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Supercharge your mindset

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Are you sick of standing in your way when it comes to your enjoyment and performance with your horse? You spend hours every day working hard only to let yourself down by choking when you get into the ring? Or maybe you are struggling with constant fear even stopping you from progressing at all? Do you want to build healthy and consistent habits? Join the Empowered Rider comprehensive online programme that focuses on helping you transform your mind to upgrade your experience with your horse (competitive or not, it is for riders of every level and discipline). You will learn skills and mental tools that are used by the best in the world. You will be equipped to embrace a full life experience living from a place of courage and passion enabling you to accelerate your mental game. Skills that will transfer to any part of your life with the added benefit of having your own cheerleader supporting you every step of the way! AREAS OF FOCUS - Connecting with your why to find meaning and purpose - Building a unique pathway for setting goals and achieving them - Managing self talk - Building consistent habits - Resilience and coping with setback - Failure and how it is important for growth - Building tolerance for discomfort - Mindfulness and visualisation - Working with fear - Becoming the most confident version of YOU ABOUT YOUR TRAINER Ashleigh has ridden competitively to Prix St George level in dressage and has completed qualifications in Psychology and Neuro Linguistic Programming making her well equipped to support you in your journey to be your best. As well as having success in the dressage arena, she has come back from setbacks and falls that have knocked her confidence over the years and learnt how best to work with fear in pursuit of her dreams.

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