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Goals are what take us forward in life; they are what fuels our fire, inspires motivation and they help foster discipline when we need it most. They help us stay focused, allow us to measure progress as well as overcome procrastination and limiting beliefs.


This goal setting and progress diary has been carefully put together with the rider in mind. Use it to guide you to set long term, season, daily and competition goals and track your progress. Perfect to help you identify your priority and manage your life. This simple and effective planning system will help you to set SMART goals and keep focus. It is the perfect solution to indicate your progress during different challenges, courses or any other activities. No dates, so you can start at any day. 


This diary is here to help you achieve those goals you have been wanting to smash but perhaps have not known how to go about effectively setting them! It is simple and that is for a reason. There is no need to over complicate them and fill your mind with unneccesary clutter. Follow this guide and I am sure you will notice a difference in time in your perfomances.


Digital file means you can print off pages and keep a record as you need them, store it in a ringbinder and you can collect your dressage test sheets and keep all of your notes all together. Alternatively you can edit and keep track on your computer. 


Planner includes:

  • 12 week modules
  • Week module has daily planner for each day of the week, 1 Goals Page, 1 Review Page where you can write you achivments and insights
  • 1 Ideas Page
  • 1 Notes Page
  • 2 In a glance spreads
  • Inspirational quotes and tips


  • 132 pages
  • PDF printable file

Dreamtime Dressage 12 Week Planner

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